Young Won

DevDesk Queue

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 The situation

Currently students at Lambda School escalate any technical or administrative issues through Slack to receive help. However, this is quite an unruly and disorganized process for admins who are managing the help desk tickets.

 The Solution

We built a web application that allows students to submit a help desk ticket, categorize it and post it to the help channel. This platform also makes it easy for administrators to manage the status of the tickets and prioritize them.

 The Role

I worked as a back-end developer, creating database models for students and admins. I created a database relationship between all collections of data using SQL and Knex table models. Using database methods, I provided all required end-points to serve as back-end APIs to satisfy all front-end HTTP requests.

 The Learnings

From this project, I understood how to create the back-end’s end-points based on Restful API principles. By working on the overall back-end workflow, I learned how to build an efficient back-end application at various stages. One of the key focuses was registration and login where I built a flow that encrypts and compares passwords. The flow also created and verified JWT (security tokens) and used middleware to control the access to the protected routes.