Young Won

Restaurant Passport

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 The situation

Any foodie worth their weight in salt should always have ideas of where to eat in their home city whenever the opportunity arises. People often default to the same dive spot because of "decision fatigue" every week.

 The Solution

Our team built this application in 1 week to try and provide users a way to discover and manage the restaurants they tried.

 The Role

I participated in the project as a React developer for the front-end. I used Redux ‘Store’ for state management with Redux and created axios requests to fetch Yelp API data and displayed data including food images as card components into a single page. I also developed different modal forms to s ave and edit favorite restaurants by post or patch requests to the back-end API.

 The Learnings

As the main React developer, I learned how to manage state by creating a Redux ‘Store’ along with other redux components such as action creators and reducers. I learned in real application how to utilize the React-Redux ‘connect’ method to access all state data in component levels.